"Ekaterynoslavsky" is the largest dairy farm with Schwyz breed livestock. The project started in summer 2011, the first stage of construction was finished in for 11 months (milking parlour and milk room, maternity barn, a barn for 600 cows and the calves barn), the second stage was ended in 2012 (second barn for 600 cows) and complex reached full capacity of 1,200 dairy cows (800 Schwyz breed heifers were imported from Austria and Germany, the rest of the herd are native black-motley cows).

Milking cows are kept in 2 four-row barns, the young stock is contained in six reconstructed buildings with straw bedding. Manure handling is done with tractors in two flash flume channels (4 electric pumps EP 400), ventilation - automatic ventilation curtains CBRU, drinking water supply - group water troughs WT 12.

Milking is done in Cascade milking parlor 2x20 with basement, the milk is cooled with the help of the Yukon-snap instant cooling system.

The results of 2014:

  • Average milk yield per milking cow - 9000 kg of milk per lactation;
  • Fat - 4.2%, protein - 3.9%;
  • Culling rate - 20%, mastitis cows - less than 1%;
  • Livestock - 1300 dairy cows, 3300 livestock overall, land area: 33 hectares.